In 2004, I started to get terrible headaches and allergies where I would sneeze for hours on end, get puffy eyes, and allergy pills stopped working.  I went to an ear, eyes and throat doctor who wanted to cut polyps out of my face and give my tons of medicines. 

I had a friend who suggested I go see her naturopath, who had cured her of cancer through a natural diet.  I thought what was spending another 250.00, before cutting my face open with some chance it may not work. I spoke to the Homeopath/Naturopath who suggested I stop eating wheat and dairy right away and my headaches and allergies would be gone in 8 weeks.

Within 6-8 weeks later, I had stopped sneezing, headaches disappeared and I was not taking pills other vitamins and mineral supplements.  The pain in my face had disappeared.  My headaches were gone.  I could lift my head off the pillow.  Simply amazing.  Soon after that, I stopped eating meat and finally fish. I remained vegan for about 3 years and then went back to eating some fish and meat on and off.

In 2010 I had experienced some awful back issues and after having a failed laminectomy/microdiscectomy.  4 out of 5 surgeons suggested I get a spinal fusion. One surgeon said if I can do it naturally, to please try.  He was the winner!  My Homeopath/Naturopath suggested I go back to doing all natural healing, including Yoga Therapy, Vegan Diet and a whatever work I can to help my back heal. 

Apparently all the animal food I was consuming was inflaming my condition. The work I was doing was not helping my back either.  So, I went back to practicing yoga therapy and then back to teaching once healed.

At first it was a choice to be vegan to heal my body than it became an ethical issue to protect the animals. I have been vegan now since 2011.  I do not consume any animal products. No meat, no fish, no dairy, not even eggs. I still do not eat wheat and I no longer have allergies. I do not take any medications. I do however, take vitamins and minerals. I eat tons of fruits, vegetables, nuts, potatoes, beans and dairy free dark chocolate for a real treat as well as other fun treats made from coconut or almond mild, etc.

I practice yoga and meditation about 6 days a week.  I also teach yoga 5-6 days a week as well. I am telling you this because our diet is so important to our health. I will post recipes here and there and blog about any new food experiences I may have.

Eat clean and feel great!

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